A Simplified Life

Creating an Easy and Tasty life

'Wing Eat' is an one-stop shop for 5-minute homemade meals.

Company’s core values

Your health and convenience are our priorities.
Our staff is dedicated to gain increasing access to healthy products
while simplifying the lives of our customers.

Comprehensive Meal Solution

We look forward to serving our customers with high-quality tasty meals
that have been hand-picked and curated by our in-house specialists.

All in 5 minutes

We take care of all the sorting, prepping, and cooking.
All you need to do is to take a few minutes to serve it up and enjoy.

Accessible, anywhere

The customers love us for our high-quality products and quick deliveries.
We guarantee delivery as soon as the next morning.

Satisfaction guaranteed

75% of our customers have regularly come back and adopt this new healthy lifestyle


We create additional time and space for everyone’s valuable moments.


We innovate ways of preparing and delivering high-quality meals, bringing you a simple and tasty life.

Data-driven Product Planning

We partner with manufacturers that have proven records of producing high-quality products.

We oversee all details of the production process from selecting reliable suppliers to launching our own in-house brand.

We based in customer's feedback to improve our service and products, which is offered at the most reasonable price.

Our information system ensures us to stay informed with the market needs.

Our sales monitoring system tracks performance at every step, enabling us to predict and offer the most demanded products to the market.

D2C Marketing

Our unique stories are presented through product detail pages, videos, and package designs,
which has helped maximize the registration rate.

We work tirelessly to reach out to users by communicating with 5,000 influencers,
running A/B testings, and optimizing display advertising, content marketing, and growth hacking performances.

We have successfully increased organic traffic and reached 20% of the conversion rate and 75% of the repurchase rate.


[2015.12] Incorporated, raised seed funding

[2015.03] Establishment of <Agreable Company> as a sole proprietor